Upcycling Water Filters

13.07.17 Location : LIST Belvaux +  Natur Museé Participants: 20 Partners: SNJ, LIST, Natur Museé Lynn proposed a workshop with the Service National de la Jeunesse (Ateliers CreActif). A group of young early school leavers were invited to join the workshop in the framework of the Science Club. The activity… more


YouMeWe Festival

07.07.17 Location: Lycée Technique d’Esch-sur-Alzette Participants: 200 Partners: LTE, Science Week (SCRIPT), In the framework of the Science Week 2017, Water Hackers was invited to perform a full-day open workshop at the multidisciplinary festival “YOUMEWE” organised by the Lycée Technique d’Esch-sur-Alzette. The students co-created new rain harvesters to collect water… more


Visit the Labo!

03.04.17 Location : Administration de la gestion de l’eau + LIST Belvaux + NaturMuseé Participants: 18-20 Partners: LIST, AGE, Lycée des Art et Métiers During the morning, a class from the Lycée des Art et Métiers (14-16 years old) had the possibility to visit the headquarter of the Administration de… more


Paris Atelier

04.06.15 Participants: 10 Visitors Expo: 20.000 Partners: In-Progress, D’DAYS, Henry Baumann, Paris Eau (Research Centre) For the D’DAYS in Paris, we prepared an exhibition about a fictional project that will happen in the river Seine. In order to stimulate the use of the river and bring people closer to it,… more