We wanted to use this space of the site to personally thank everyone that is/was involved in the project so far. Water Hackers wouldn’t be the same without these heroes and organisations contributing with their expertise!


Iván Razo-Zapata has been working on different ways to raise awareness about the importance of natural resources as well as on innovative mechanisms to optimise the use of such resources. He is always in for a good brainstorm about Water Hackers and he is involved in the strategy of the platform. He has participated in the EU project “Scanergy” which provided a digital platform to trade energy among prosumers, using a crypto-currency inspired by Bitcoin ( In 2013, he also participated in the Climate CoLab contest organised by the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence (


Giacomo Piovan is a Social designer and the initiator of the Water Hackers project. For the last few years, Giacomo has been co-creating new products and services for social and sustainable organisations for Socialmatter design studio. Fascinated by technology and sustainability, his practice focuses on collaborating with local partners through a participative approach. He believes in growing a bigger number of Water Hackers around Luxembourg and the globe.


Irina Moons is a Web-designer based in Luxembourg, she is responsible for design communication and interaction on the platform. She has already taken part in a project called “Gustaterrium”, an online sensorial garden for citizens, for the French “Ministère de l’Agriculture” ( She also loves baking vegan cakes to keep the whole team going! Link:


Christian Penny, an expert in microbiology at LIST, is highly active in transferring knowledge to youngsters. It’s thanks to him that we could count on a solid scientific background. For several years, he has given scientific advice to the Water Hackers initiative, for example during the Science Festival, where the project started in 2013. Check out this link to find out more about his activity. (


Chelsea Dasthy is a Luxembourgish student and our workshop assistant. She has participated in an internship at Socialmatter between 2017 and 2018 and helped by developing drawings and videos for the project Water Hackers. She is highly involved in her tasks: preparing workshop, coordinating volunteers and is always open for new challenges.


Lynn Schammel is a Luxembourgish social designer and graduated from the Master of the Design Academy Eindhoven. Her practice is related to new communication methodologies in relation with social integration. Currently she collaborates with youth-organisations to promote circular economy and the use of recycled material in schools. She was involved in the public relations with the schools and she has been helping out making the tools super easy to build!