Summer Workshops ?

“There is no Two without Three”. That’s an old saying that has proven to be true! After two successful years, we were invited to install our stands in the last editions of Siren’s Call ( 29th June) and YouMeWe Festival (8th of July). With our revisited motto: “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” we… more

Luxembourg Design Award

We won the Gold at the Luxembourg Design Awards 2019 in the category Social Design with the project Water Hackers. Congrats to all the people involved in the project so far!  

Facts & Figures

Here some FACTS & FIGURES about the project running during the last two years. We are happy to look back at numbers and at engaged hackers! 3 creative toolsavailable online 6 team experts  (from multiple domains) 3 exhibitions (in Paris, Ghent and Luxembourg) 3.300 site page views > 1 scientific… more

Erasmus Project

15.11.18 Today we animated a Water Hackers workshop for the project «Eco Friendly Greenhouse».  We supported a group of 25 students to analyse and filter water samples from the rivers Alzette and Sûre. Furthermore, some students exchanged their ideas on prototypes for water treatment and ecological agriculture. We are very curious to see how this project… more


09.06.18 We participated to the MudaMini Vernissage where Water Hackers became a “production line” for water filters!  At the end of the day we counted more then 130 filters! Christian Penny (LIST) did info presentations about water to a general public. Thanks to Mudam for the support and we look… more

DAMN Magazine

07.01.17 We are happy to be featured on DAMN Magazine, one of the finest newspaper about contemporary design. Kurt Vanbelleghem, the curator of  “Water is Design” Expo in Ghent, put a particular emphasis on the social design practice of the project. Have a look! “sustainability should be present in all… more

Luxemburger Wort

22.03.17 Luxemburger Wort interviewed the team for one of  their special issue on Water. To sum up the interview: we’re working around the clock to prepare a new platform that will help everyone to learn, hack and visualise water quality!


15.11.17 Location: Luxembourg City Partners: FAEL Ivan Zapata presented the Watergram development to an interested audience at the FAEL, Federación de Asociaciones de Españoles en Luxemburgo. Link Here. 

Upcycling Water Filters

13.07.17 Location : LIST Belvaux +  Natur Museé Participants: 20 Partners: SNJ, LIST, Natur Museé Lynn proposed a workshop with the Service National de la Jeunesse (Ateliers CreActif). A group of young early school leavers were invited to join the workshop in the framework of the Science Club. The activity… more

On-Site Analysis

10.07.17 Location : NaturMuseé, Luxembourg Participants: 18-20 Partners: LIST, Lycée des Art et Métiers, Natur Musee, Thanks to summer approaching, we were able to create a full day in the Natur Museé experiencing the Water Hackers tools. After an introduction of the bucket collector and filter the class assisted an… more

YouMeWe Festival

07.07.17 Location: Lycée Technique d’Esch-sur-Alzette Participants: 200 Partners: LTE, Science Week (SCRIPT), In the framework of the Science Week 2017, Water Hackers was invited to perform a full-day open workshop at the multidisciplinary festival “YOUMEWE” organised by the Lycée Technique d’Esch-sur-Alzette. The students co-created new rain harvesters to collect water… more

Platform Co-creation

04.04.17 Location : NaturMuseé Participants: 22-25 Partners: Natur Museé, Lycée des Art et Métiers In the context of the development of Watergram, Irina and Giacomo involved the same class from the Lycée to imagine the platform’s user-experience (UX) during a group-user test. After presenting the general layout, we asked each… more

Visit the Labo!

03.04.17 Location : Administration de la gestion de l’eau + LIST Belvaux + NaturMuseé Participants: 18-20 Partners: LIST, AGE, Lycée des Art et Métiers During the morning, a class from the Lycée des Art et Métiers (14-16 years old) had the possibility to visit the headquarter of the Administration de… more

Siren’s Call 2017

30.06.17 Location: Neumunster Abbey Luxembourg City Visitors: > 1.000 Partners: Den Atelier, Centre Neimënster, Headroom Design, Max Roger We were asked to create a small expo presenting the project during the first edition of the Siren’s Call Music and Culture Festival in Neumunster. Fascinated by the nearby Alzette river, we… more

Platform Paper Prototyping

02.06.17 Location: Differdange Participants: 8 Partners: 1535 C°, Moons Webdesign Studio Irina and Moons Webdesign Studio invited a crowd of potential users to paper prototype the ongoing Watergram platform by sketching screenshots on paper as substitutes for digital representations. The participants have helped us to better design the user-interface and… more

Platform Ideation Workshop

20.04.17 Location: Bamhaus Partners: Internal Meeting The whole group took part in an ideation workshop for the platform. This meeting has the goal to discuss and find interesting ideas for the web platform. We believe that we can find a way to gather important information on water quality via crowdsourcing.… more

Ghent Fair

28.10.16 > 02.12.11 Location : Ghent Fair Visitors: about 30.000 Participants to the workshop: about 300 Partners: Present Future Curator Kurt VanBelleghem invited Water Hackers to exhibit our project in an exhibition called “Water is Design”. The organization behind the fair was really interested in inspiring their visitors with engaged… more

Experts Meet-up

On Friday 25. November Benoît Otjacques (LIST) – heads the ICT for environmental monitoring group invited our group to present our project and get introduced us to their work on digital resources for environmental monitoring and visualisation of results. Later, on Friday 16th December Ariane Koenig ( invited Giacomo Piovan… more

MTB Tour

This summer we provided our water analysis manuals to a group of kids joining the MTB tour organised by the Science Club of the NaturMuseé. By cycling about 30 Km from Clervaux to Dirbach we could cross different waterways: (Clerve, Irbich, Wiltz and Sure) and even a biological water treatment station.… more

ICT for Sustainability

We already presented the overall idea at the 4th International Conference on ICT for Sustainability (ICT4S) 2016 which took place in Amsterdam at the end of August. See link HERE: During ICT4S, “Watergram” was very well received as it triggered both discussion and exchange of ideas with researchers from the… more

Paris Atelier

04.06.15 Participants: 10 Visitors Expo: 20.000 Partners: In-Progress, D’DAYS, Henry Baumann, Paris Eau (Research Centre) For the D’DAYS in Paris, we prepared an exhibition about a fictional project that will happen in the river Seine. In order to stimulate the use of the river and bring people closer to it,… more

In-Progress Atelier

03.05.14 Location: Bourglinster Participants: 10 Partners: In-Progress asbl, Biennal Design City, MUDAM Within the frame of the in-progress exhibition in Bourglinster (Luxembourg) we have organised a workshop about the words “open” and “water infrastructure”. The project started during the last year at the Science Festival in Luxembourg where we documented… more

Science Festival 2013

14.10.13 Participants: 200 Visitors: 10.000 Partners: Science Festival, LIST, Natur Musée Water Hackers’ 1st workshop started during the Science Festival in 2013. This was the perfect occasion to collaborate with scientist Christian Penny and create a video of the water situation in Luxembourg. In the framework of the Festival we… more


Because sustainability starts with your actions. We all want to experience the quality of our water for ourselves.

We believe that hands-on activities can support science education.

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