Facts & Figures

Here some FACTS & FIGURES about the project running during the last two years. We are happy to look back at numbers and at engaged hackers! 3 creative toolsavailable online 6 team experts  (from multiple domains) 3 exhibitions (in Paris, Ghent and Luxembourg) 3.300 site page views > waterhackers.lu 1 scientific… more


Erasmus Project

15.11.18 Today we animated a Water Hackers workshop for the project «Eco Friendly Greenhouse».  We supported a group of 25 students to analyse and filter water samples from the rivers Alzette and Sûre. Furthermore, some students exchanged their ideas on prototypes for water treatment and ecological agriculture. We are very curious to see how this project… more



09.06.18 We participated to the MudaMini Vernissage where Water Hackers became a “production line” for water filters!  At the end of the day we counted more then 130 filters! Christian Penny (LIST) did info presentations about water to a general public. Thanks to Mudam for the support and we look… more


DAMN Magazine

07.01.17 We are happy to be featured on DAMN Magazine, one of the finest newspaper about contemporary design. Kurt Vanbelleghem, the curator of  “Water is Design” Expo in Ghent, put a particular emphasis on the social design practice of the project. Have a look! “sustainability should be present in all… more


Upcycling Water Filters

13.07.17 Location : LIST Belvaux +  Natur Museé Participants: 20 Partners: SNJ, LIST, Natur Museé Lynn proposed a workshop with the Service National de la Jeunesse (Ateliers CreActif). A group of young early school leavers were invited to join the workshop in the framework of the Science Club. The activity… more