Visit the Labo!

Location : Administration de la gestion de l’eau + LIST Belvaux + NaturMuseé
Participants: 18-20
Partners: LIST, AGE, Lycée des Art et Métiers

During the morning, a class from the Lycée des Art et Métiers (14-16 years old) had the possibility to visit the headquarter of the Administration de la gestion de l’eau in Belval and the laboratories of LIST in Belvaux. The visit aimed at meeting in person the scientists and getting to know their every-day tasks. After the visit, a bus brought the class to the Natur Museé in Luxembourg City. After an introduction to the Water Hackers’ tools the young people started analysing the water of the Alzette themselves. This hands-on activity helped to increase the interest on the topic while having fun.

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Luxembourg Design Award

We won the Gold at the Luxembourg Design Awards 2019...

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