Siren’s Call 2017

Location: Neumunster Abbey Luxembourg City
Visitors: > 1.000
Partners: Den Atelier, Centre Neimënster, Headroom Design, Max Roger

We were asked to create a small expo presenting the project during the first edition of the Siren’s Call Music and Culture Festival in Neumunster. Fascinated by the nearby Alzette river, we decided to collect a dozen of water samples, test them with our tools and visualise the data in order to spark interest on the Festival’s visitors.

This experimental visualisation ( by Headroom Design) puts an accent on the interrelation of hidden natural dynamics: the very low water conditions of the Alzette river provoke a certain degree of eutrophication. Rising pH and relatively low oxygen, combined with high temperatures help algae and bacteria activity. The data underlines the fact that the Alzette river is highly impacted by waste water treatment plants of Schifflange, Bettembourg, Hesperange, Luxembourg City and Mersch. Check this google map for more information.

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