Hello! You have built the tools and made the analysis, now it’s time to share it with our community to understand the diversity of water. Watergram is our open data platform to monitor water all around you.

Raises public awareness among users.
Promotes an open data platform for local authorities who can benefit from the real-time data published by the citizens.
Offers a Smart City concept for sustainable ways to monitor natural resources.
Allows you to discover your surroundings. Watergram will help to find new water sources (e.g. water streams, rivers, lakes and ponds) to analyse. Be creative in your own interventions!

Interactive learning that will integrate the subjects studied at school (environmental science, biology, geography, informatics, etc.).


Envisioning and defining a new service concept based on the usability of the tools and the results of the workshops. Starting to integrate innovative environmental technologies as well as big data analytics, in order to improve the environment and manage our natural resources in a better way.


Experimenting with new methods during creative workshops, learning by doing and acquiring knowledge and valuable contacts. Interactive learning plays a major role in the stimulation of personal interests of young people. These tools encourage young people and the general public to take an interest in science, water and sustainable monitoring services.


Gathering important information on water quality via crowdsourcing. This information will provide valuable insights into the current situation and potentially improve decision-making about water management. The project does not intend to substitute the current authorities, it only offers a counterproof of their efficiency.