MTB Tour

This summer we provided our water analysis manuals to a group of kids joining the MTB tour organised by the Science Club of the NaturMuseé. By cycling about 30 Km from Clervaux to Dirbach we could cross different waterways: (Clerve, Irbich, Wiltz and Sure) and even a biological water treatment station. Given the fact that heavy rain were falling during these days we had high turbidity in the water. High pH and Dissolved Oxygen levels might be connected with the fact that overflow rain water has transported fertilisers from the field. Also we noticed many organic and inorganic debris caused by the overflow of sewage from the touristic areas (camping). On the other hand, we were reassured by the improvement of the analysis that we took before and after the Depuration Station of Kautenback as the pH and turbidity were more close to the standards.

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On-Site Analysis

10.07.17 Location : NaturMuseé, Luxembourg Participants: 18-20 Partners: LIST, Lycée...

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